My story


In February 2016 I was struck by lightning. My umbrella saved my life, and I was unscathed except for a small scar on my foot (unfortunately not lightning shaped!).

Before this incident, I was living a life of pleasing others at the detriment to my own health. Food and exercise were still about control—a ghost mindset that haunted me from my battle with anorexia as a young adult—and I was losing my sense of self.

A near death experience is something that will shake that shit out of you. I don't want you to have to have your own before you choose to commit to yourself and create change.

Life is short, and health and fitness are so much more than a means to an end. Exercising and nourishing your body are acts of self-love. Taking care of yourself is about self-respect, not something you do because you feel like you "should" (guilt and shame mindset).

A healthy, active lifestyle is a vehicle for creating the qualities, attributes and skills you need to be the best version of you. Want grit? Want to be a strong leader? To be positive and energetic? Someone who is confident and self-assured? Train for it.

Knowing who you want to be and how training fits into that gives you a big enough WHY that keeps you going through the toughest of times. It shapes goals that are far more fulfilling than "lose 10kg." My why is to live an unforgettable life with no regrets, and for that, I need to be strong and healthy for as long as possible. It's why I do crazy things like the Spartan 50km Ultra!

Work with me and you will discover your big why and who you want to be.

Me as your coach

You're not here because you want someone to talk to about how hard life is. You're here because you want and need change. For that to happen you need tough love and straight talking so that you can take consistent action.

I've had clients describe me as a "fun taskmaster" so expect to be pushed and challenged. I'll call you out on your shit but always with a smile, and we'll definitely have a laugh along the way!

Uniquely credentialed

  • Certified Master Personal trainer, Australian Institute of Fitness 
  • Credentialed Professional Coach with Metadynamics™ in training, The Coaching Institute
  • Certified group fitness and gym instructor, The Sand Goanna Institute, Zumba Fitness
  • Mindfulness practitioner in training, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
  • Certified massage therapist, Discover Massage Australia
  • Professionally trained actor, Rose Bruford College

Diversely experienced

  • Marathon runner
  • Obstacle course racer (AROO!)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Public speaker
  • Artist
  • Self-love advocate
  • Fighter for female empowerment

Why I want to help you

98.5% of women in Australia have wanted to change their body. I think this statistic SUCKS.

Women around the world are getting burnt out from trying to be everything to everyone, and we are putting tremendous pressure on ourselves to meet increasingly unrealistic standards because of social media. I am saying, NO MORE.

I want to pass on the experiences and knowledge from my own journey because the world needs more strong, happy, and successful female leaders who aren't being held back by chasing the 'perfect' body.

What I can do for you

My ultimate goal is to help you become strong in both body and mind so that you can live a fulfilling life. I do this by teaching you the following:

  • How to listen to your body and nourish and heal it appropriately.
  • How to move better and implement enjoyable exercise that suits your schedule
  • How to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset
  • How to break bad habits and introduce and maintain healthy daily practices
  • How to keep yourself accountable without relying on motivation
  • How to get better at coping with stress and uncertainty
  • How to deal with failure and setbacks




Jump on a free call with me

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