Macro ratio tool

Even though I don’t advocate counting calories, it can still be useful to know where your energy in your food comes from. So that’s why I’m making this macro ratio tool free for everyone to use.

How does it work?

The tool will break down food into the four sources of energy (carbs, protein, fats and alcohol), and shows you the average percentage of each. These are known as the ‘macro ratios‘. All you need to do is to search for the foods you want to compare.

There are almost 6000 foods you can choose from. All the data comes from FSANZ, and is tailored for Australian and New Zealand foods.

(And yes, sometimes the percentages don’t add up to exactly 100%. This is because of rounding errors.)

What it is not

The tool doesn’t show you how much of the food (in grams) is fat or protein etc. So if you look up beef, and it says 65% fats, that doesn’t mean the piece of beef is 65% fat—it means that 65% of the energy in the beef comes from fat. The vast majority of the weight of your food is actually water.

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