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If you choose to work with me I will help you transform your mind and body, and coach you to fully embrace your authentic self; a self that is strong, confident, and happy!

I do this by taking a holistic and integrative approach to improving five key areas of your health and wellness:

The Five Pillars of Haylstorm

5 Pillars of Haylstorm Graphic

Mindset is absolutely central to our work together because it is the foundation of your reality and identity. The stories that you tell yourself about who you are can become a self-fulfilling prophecy...

stories you tell yourself

These things are only true because you give them weight and meaning. Do this enough and it WILL be the story of your life - but it doesn't have to be.

With my help, you will learn to how to take control of your thoughts in order to influence your actions and your results.

Your thoughts create your feelings

Your feelings drive your actions

Your actions create your results

In addition, you will discover what food and exercise work best for you when we delve into fitness and nutrition. You will be equipped with an arsenal of tools and ideas for staying active through the seasons, as well as knowledge on the importance of the gut for optimal health.

Copy of stories you tell yourself

You will also adopt strategies for taking care of yourself without compromising your other commitments, and learn how to make more time for rest without feeling guilty.

Lastly, I will teach you systems to help you change your behaviour and maintain good habits for life.

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