level up your mental & physical fitness

At Haylstorm Fitness it’s all about giving you the strength to live a kick-ass life from the inside-out. It’s about improving your mindset as well as your physical fitness, and teaching you how to move better, stay motivated, and make daily physical activity a part of your lifestyle.


Is personal training for you?

If you say YES to the following statements, personal training with Haylstorm Fitness is a great fit for you:

  • You live in Canberra
  • You need to be pushed by someone else to work harder
  • You need some direction with how to do certain exercises properly
  • You need help holding yourself accountable
  • You want to learn new skills and try new things
  • You want to overcome a training rut

Training specialities available to you

  • Posture correction
  • Functional movement
  • Kettlebells
  • Body weight (callisthenics)
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Circuit training
  • Metabolic conditioning for weight loss
  • Mobility and flexibility




Fiercely Fit

This package has you covered on all aspects of your physical fitness – strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture – and equips you with accountability and goal setting foundations.

Key features

  • A customised exercise program unique to you
  • A personalised daily self-care plan for staying-pain free and flexible
  • 1-on-1 coaching on how to successfully set and achieve your goals
  • Regular check-ins to measure and monitor your progress
  • Additional templates and resources to help you keep accountable and build good habits

Who would this package suit?

Someone who already has relatively good nutrition habits, but who struggles to maintain consistency and structure with their workouts. This package is also great for people who want to push themselves harder or train for a particular event.

Copy of stories you tell yourself

Hot and Healthy

This package provides you with extra training sessions to help you reach your fitness goals faster, as well as 1-on-1 coaching on the key building blocks of a healthy eating mindset.

Key features

  • Everything from Fiercely Fit, PLUS;
  • Ongoing coaching on how to change your eating habits and create a healthy food mindset

Who would this package suit?

Someone who struggles to control their eating and keep fit and active in their busy lives. This package is also great for people who are sick of dieting and want to learn how to become intuitive healthy eaters.


Ultimate Body

This package gives you the complete structure to overhauling your lifestyle – how to eat better, how to plan your meals, how to cope better with setbacks, and how to exercise more consistently— so that you can live and love in your best body.

Key features

  • Everything from Hot and Healthy, PLUS;
  • A premium meal plan designed by an accredited nutritionist
  • 1-on-1 mindset and behaviour coaching sessions
  • Exclusive access to a private online community with weekly bonus trainings and motivation

Who would this package suit?

Someone who has tried to make changes but who has lost motivation and knows they need to make a BIG change and have someone show them how. This package is also great for people who need a complete reset or redo with their health, or who want to lose weight for good.

Client Testimonial

"Hayley's sessions are like no other. She is so much more than a regular PT, she gets to the underlying causes of issues and analyses and individualises the plan and sets you up for success from day one. I cannot recommend and thank her enough for how she has improved my daily life as I am virtually pain-free and getting back the body and strength I longed for. "

— Eloise